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The AAAC collaborated with the City of Allegan’s DDA (Downtown Development Authority) to commit to the purchase of sculpture to enhance our Riverfront. The third piece of funding came from a Delano Foundation grant. Each of these three entities paid six thousand toward the total cost of the sculpture. Harry McDaniel’s kinetic sculpture is titled “River Whispers”. He began working with members of the AAAC’s public art subcommittee to line up a commission, almost two years ago. They found his work, online, after getting some tips from a Meijer Gardens staff member about where to look for sculptors. He had a few pieces to complete, before ours, including a 30′ sculpture for GE Aviation. Harry lives in Asheville, NC, and has commissioned pieces in six Eastern states. This is his first Midwest piece. It is made of aluminum with steel bearings at the points of movement. While Harry was creating the design, he was inspired by the location for this sculpture – near the Kalamazoo River on our Riverfront. Though he considers it an abstract, he states that the movement was inspired by river currents. Here is a video of Harry McDaniel speaking about it with Ryan Lewis from the Allegan County News. Here is a video clip shot by Ellen Altamore who is both an AAAC member and a member of the Delano Foundation.

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