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Perrigo Art Show 2014 (photos)

One of the best kept secrets in the Allegan Art community is that we have a cornucopia of amazing art talent working over on Eastern Ave., at the Perrigo Graphics Department. They have dozens of artists working there on production artwork, but these artists also do plenty of artwork at home that isn’t about Perrigo products. For many years the Perrigo Art department has been holding an in-office Art Show where Perrigo artists are invited to bring their artwork from home and display it in their little office cubicle. The public is invited to come and view the amazing array of artwork in nearly every medium: oil, watercolor, pencil, photography, glass, metal, stone, fabric, pottery, wood, multi-media, … you name it. Beginning two years ago, the annual Perrigo Art Show has been held in Perrigo’s beautiful new building at 490 Eastern Ave. The Nov 18, 2014 show included a silent auction of holiday arts and crafts, bringing in over $1,200 for Wings Home. There also was a fun competition among the entrants. Each artist created a “self portrait” and their artwork was numbered. On the day of the show they tried to match each “self portrait” to a co-worker artist. There were 18 artist participants this year, including several AAAC members. Awards were given to the best of show: Congratulations to • Andrea Jordan for winning the Hendrickson Award • Patricia Flaherty for winning the Kingma Award • Dawn Hollister for winning the Reimink Award • Karen Johnson for 1st place, Peggy Lane for 2nd place, and Dina Hestera for 3rd place in the people’s choice for the “self portrait” competition

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