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Cabaret Band Show 2017 (Photos)

This is the 32nd “Nearly Annual” Cabaret Band Show. Nearly annual because the show was on hiatus last year, 2016. The band and singers started rehearsals the last week of January. In only about 60 hours of rehearsals, we had to learn 36 songs backwards & forward, inside and out. After so many years of outstanding shows, the bar is set very high, and everyone knows it. Proceeds from the show go to three of the top Allegan non-profits; Wings of Hope Hospice, Allegan Area Arts Council, and Forever Curious Children’s Museum. Let the main beneficiary say a few words: Wings of Hope Hospice says, “Music is a magnificent gift to humanity. This universal language connects to our hearts and our souls. It can move us to sing, to dance, to cry, … A melody can take us to other places and times. … Cabaret is a musical gift to our community. On four evenings in March, we come together to witness the combination of incredible talent and hard work. Hundreds of people grow silent to listen together, then burst into appreciative applause. For a time, we are on the same wavelength, of the same mind”. The Cabaret Band is: Dean Michaels on keyboards, sax, & flute | Greg Howard (former Tricks member) on lead guitars | Rick Dutkiewicz on electric, acoustic, and lap-steel guitars | Dave Swan on Horns, Acoustic Guitar, banjo | Jeff Clearwater on Bass | Don Pabis on drums & keys The singing cast is: (The Female Quartet) Meghan Daniel, Shannon Dykstra, Dana O’Patik, Kristen Pennington. With feature soloists Tim Dickinson, Kristen Milbocker, Ross Menhart, Alva Morgan, Kevin Myers, Scott Chenard, Cal Klokkert, Dr. Paul Hodge, Dr. Chris Hodge, Bryan Fisher, and Krystal Dutkiewicz. Special thanks to Dean Michaels, of course – without Dean there would be no show. Dean’s life is consumed by the Cabaret for three months each year. Most of all, thanks to the people who made up the wonderful crowds on all four nights; each night had a great responsive and appreciative crowd.

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