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Artisans Market Debut (photos)

Kass Hillard reports on her first 2016 Artisans’ Market on May 29: I was absolutely thrilled with the response for our first Artist’s Market….we had 25 registered artists and there was a steady flow of visitors to the Market. There was something for everyone! A feeling of celebration was in the air and we all had a fun day…I heard a lot of laughter! A couple of thank yous: The City Council and the City of Allegan were very gracious in allowing us to use the Brady Street lot for the Market, and Aaron Haskins of the DPW marked the spaces and had the public restrooms ready and open for the shoppers and artists…a HUGE thank you to them! Most importantly, I thank the Allegan area artist community for sharing their talents and gifts AND our community for supporting this event and the artists. My vision for future Markets is that we have to expand….all the way down the Riverfront Boardwalk!

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