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Allegan Art Camp 2016 (photos)

The ocean reefs came to life at the Allegan Area Art Council’s Art Camp held last August 8-12 at the Griswold lower level. Thanks to the generosity of the Allegan City Council we were able to enjoy this perfect venue for our camp. An enthusiastic group of 42 artists created a reef with sea creatures, a wonderfully designed printed watery ocean created with a variety of printing materials. They also made fantastic pillows with sea creatures of their own design. Sea horses came to life as well as very popular shark tooth necklaces with colorful beads. Sand dollars and starfish drawings with diluted bleach water appeared and jellyfish with yarn and ribbon tendrils and beautifully designed tops also had lights inside that were a colorful favorite. Marsha Behm did a wonderful job of heading up our exciting camp! Teachers Paula Chalupa, Deb Hilsbos, Zoe LaBlanc, Judi McCall and Paula Mintek encouraged and helped our artists have an extraordinary week. Izzy Antoine, a camper that was a bit older than our 11 year limit did an outstanding job assisted the teachers and campers! A huge number of family members joined us on Friday to ooh and ahhh at the artists work and enjoy ice cream sundaes! Thank you to everyone who participated in making camp such an overwhelming success!

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